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Understanding our responsibilities, the way our government works and our role as engaged citizens of the United States of America is more important than ever. The “You are America” Civics Series is designed to help students learn about the very roots of our democracy — the U.S Flag, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Through free educational videos and corresponding lesson plans, we offer interactive resources for K-12th grade educators with topic-specific learning objectives. The objectives are aligned to the National Center for Civic Education content standards, along with state Social Studies standards.

Grades 1-4: The U.S. Flag

— Objective: Understand the history and symbolism of the U.S. Flag

Grades 5 – 8: The Constitution

— Objective: Explain the history, purpose, and structure of the U.S. Constitution

Grades 9-12: The Bill of Rights

— Objective: Discuss the meaning and importance of the Bill of Rights

Have a brief look at our U.S. Constitution video.

JFI’s videos are available online or by DVD, and may be used alone with the lesson plans or combined with our Veterans Inspiring Patriotism program.

Participating classrooms and youth organizations receive free American flags and copies of the U. S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.

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Viewed for accuracy, engagement, and effectiveness by K-12th grade educators from around the country, here’s what participants are saying about JFI’s “You are America” Civics Series:

“The content is clear, yet concise. My students will appreciate being able to understand what is said!”
– T. Forrest, 7th grade teacher, Texas
“I liked that the video was short and concise, and could easily be embedded into a PPT lecture…. I loved the short and sweet organization of the Constitution, touching on the 4 main parts at a glance.”
– S. Lozon, 8th grade teacher, Arizona
“Teachers always look for quick, info-packed videos like this.”
– J. Haney, K-3rd grade teacher, Arizona
“This video was definitely very informative and clarified some things I didn’t understand about the Constitution – the video was written so that I could understand what it was talking about.”
– 8th grade student, Texas
“I liked that the video held my attention with new facts and information.”
– 7th grade student, California