What are teachers and students saying about our Veterans Inspiring Patriotism (VIP) program? See below.

“The guest speaker was great. No, make that excellent. Captain Brophy was excellent. He was informative extremely knowledgeable, personal, witty at times, interactive with the students, and kept the students interested with his patriotic lessons and stories. This program should be placed in all of our schools – it is a great outreach program and everyone benefits from it.”

Mr. Goldman, Social Studies Teacher
Hialeah, Florida

“Your presentation meant a lot to the students. They couldn’t stop talking about you and your presentation, even after being out of school for a week. It sparked many conversations in class about history and about patriotism. I would love for you to come back again next year.”

Ms. Duffy, Elementary School Teacher
Peoria, Arizona

“Thank you for coming to speak to us. You were very inspiring. I now know what it truly means to be an American.”

Jesse, Third Grade
Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you for giving up your own time to come and talk to us about your many experiences in life and the military. I am now more thankful for living in the country and the many freedoms I have. Your attitude towards being so lucky to live here made me realize I really am lucky.”

Caitlin, Eighth Grade
Dallas, Texas

“Yesterday you made me more proud that I am an American.”

Jeff, Tenth Grade
Tempe, Arizona

“Thank you for serving our country, protecting this wonderful nation, and teaching us about our rights as citizens of the United States.”

Corey, Fifth Grade
Los Angeles, California