About the Joe Foss Institute

The core purpose of public education is not only to prepare young people for college and career, but also for citizenship. At the Joe Foss Institute, a non-profit organization with offices in Arizona, Texas and Florida, we work to close the civics education gap and prepare young Americans for civic engagement as voters and informed members of their community.

Working alongside teachers and youth group leaders, our active learning, educational programs and scholarships impact children nationwide. With your support, we will continue our mission to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for a life of active citizenship. Learn more and get involved now!

The Challenge Before Us

Historically, one of the primary goals of public schooling was to instruct students in civics education. In fact, until the 1960s, civics was woven into elementary education which eventually culminated into three different civics and government courses in high school.

Today, however, we are facing a “crisis in civic education.” As the emphasis has increasingly moved towards basic skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and high-stakes testing, the importance of instructing students in civics has been left behind.

At the Joe Foss Institute, we are stepping into that educational gap and investing in America’s future leaders. Through our Veterans Inspiring Patriotism program, You Are America Civics Series and our college scholarships, we are dedicated to preparing our youth for their responsibilities as authentically engaged citizens.

Inspired and founded by World War II hero and Medal of Honor recipient General Joe Foss and his wife, “Didi,” JFI strives to continue Joe and Didi’s vision of enlisting volunteers, all Veterans, nationwide to assist in the civics education of our youth.

There is a crisis in civics education, and we’re leading the fight. Want to learn more? Check out the links below to meet our team and to learn why our work is so important.

A Crisis In Civics Education

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