Nixon – Kennedy Debate

September 26th, 2013|

On September 26, 1960, Massachusetts Democratic Senator John F. Kennedy and Republican Vice President Richard M. Nixon face each other in a nationally televised presidential campaign debate. The debate ushered in an era in which television would dominate political campaigns. The immediacy and power of television worked well for candidates who could think on their feet and [...]

Sep 25, 1789: Bill of Rights passes Congress

September 25th, 2013|

The first Congress of the United States approves 12 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and sends them to the states for ratification. The amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, were designed to protect the basic rights of U.S. citizens, guaranteeing the freedom of speech, press, assembly, and exercise of religion; the right to fair [...]

Supreme Court Created 224 Years Ago

September 24th, 2013|

The Judiciary Act of 1789 is passed by Congress and signed by President George Washington, establishing the Supreme Court of the United States as a tribunal made up of six justices who were to serve on the court until death or retirement. That day, President Washington nominated John Jay to preside as chief justice and John [...]

Test Your Knowledge…

September 23rd, 2013|

with this Constitution Quiz.  Challenge your friends and family and let us know how you did.

Medal of Honor Recipient Annouced

September 18th, 2013|

We salute former Army Capt. William Swenson for his bravery.  He will be the sixth living recipient to receive the Medal of Honor during a White House ceremony in October.

Happy Birthday…

September 18th, 2013|

The United States Air Force is 66 years old today.  Flying strong and proud.

TEACHERS – Online Resources

September 13th, 2013|

Here are 10 online resources for Constitution Day.  Tell us what you have planed.

New Airport Hanger dedicated to Joe Foss

September 13th, 2013|

Yuma, Ariz., International Airport dedicates new hanger to our founder Joe Foss.  Proud day for us all.  Watch the news report here.

We remember….

September 11th, 2013|

and honor all those who serve to protect our country.

Today in History..

September 10th, 2013|

September 10, 1913 - America's first coast-to-coast paved thoroughfare, the Lincoln Highway, opens. The road stretched from New York City's Times Square to San Francisco's Lincoln Park, spanning 3,389 miles and slicing through 13 states. It was the first national memorial commemorating America's 16th president, predating the Lincoln Memorial by nearly a decade.